Why I Read

*Written for the Brattleboro Literary Festival


I read to escape.

To visit far away lands

That I have not been to.


I read to relax.

To have the adventures my body

Is too tired to have.


I read to think.

To expand my mind,

As well as my world.


I read to connect.

With writers, authors

And past generations.


I read to be a voyeur

Into someone else’s world

And mind.


I read to energize

My spirit and

My soul.


I read to soothe my daughter.

To fill her mind with stories

As she drifts off to sleep.


I read to remember,

Places I have been,

Times that have passed.


I read to write.

To be inspired,

To never give up.


And sometimes,

Just sometimes,

I read.

Just because.


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